6 tips for the first year of retirement (and the years after)

After six months of enjoying holidays and taking the day as it comes, it’s suddenly there: that black hole of retirement. No more long work weeks, but endless time. For starters in the job market, this sounds like a dream, but for people who have been in the work rut for a long time, it can be a bit of a shock. It can then be useful to prepare yourself for this new period in your life even before you retire. In this blog, I’ll help you get started on a more fulfilling first year of retirement and the years that follow.

Retiring together

Is your partner retiring too? Then you’ll be spending a lot more time together. And that doesn’t always work out right away. If one partner was always responsible for the household, the other wants to change it. Or the opposite: the partner who was responsible for the household was hoping for some extra help, but sees the partner leave every morning for the new hobby project. What can you do in such a situation? My advice is: talk about it, express your expectations and tune in.

Be free, and give each other space

Of course, when you express your expectations to each other, it can happen that the expectations don’t quite match up. Try to give each other as much leeway as possible to give substance to the pension. Whether it’s picking up a hobby, going on a long trip, or spending more time with the grandchildren: talk about it together and give each other space, so that you don’t start living alongside each other. In addition, keep doing things you always did with others. A week’s holiday with friends, going to the sauna with your daughter or visiting a football match with your son: keep doing it! This way you preserve your individuality and the time with your partner becomes more valuable and less frenetic.

Stay in your rhythm for the first year of retirement

When you have a clear idea of ​​what everyone’s expectations are and how you each want to spend your free time, it is important to stay in a rhythm. The following points in particular can help you tremendously in your first year of retirement:

Keep studying and developing yourself . A study or course will keep your mind sharp, connect you with new people and give you topics to talk about with your partner. Several universities in our country offer short courses especially aimed at people who have always worked and want to keep training their brains. Distance learning institutions such as the Open University and LOI and offer short-term courses in various fields, such as art history. Or go learn that language or skill through the local cultural institution or library!

Keep moving . Nothing is as bad for a person’s well-being as moving around all day from the kitchen to the living room to the bedroom. Get out there, take that walk, go grocery shopping every day, take the stairs or start doing a sport you’ve always wanted to do. Half an hour of exercise every day does a lot for your health and well-being. This way your muscles stay flexible and you keep yourself in a good (mental) shape.

Watch your food. Of course, if you have the money, it’s great to eat out every day or cook elaborately with several glasses of wine. But before you know it, the kilos are added and you are literally and figuratively in the way. During the week, try to enjoy healthy and tasty meals that you prepare yourself. On the weekends, go out to eat at those nice restaurants you’ve always wanted to eat at. Take the car and let yourself be surprised in the cities you have always wanted to visit. Or take an NS subscription and receive nice tips for city trips and good restaurants every quarter.

Make music. No better way to relax than by making music. Did you play an instrument as a child? Pick it up again! Have you always had the dream to play an instrument? Then now is the time to start. Join a music school, join a choir, pick up the pieces of music you used to enjoy playing. Enjoy the beauty of the sounds you produce, practice (with or without supervision from a teacher) and develop yourself. Aren’t you musically inclined? Visit concerts, go to the theatre or a cinema.

Make new friends. During your working life you were surrounded daily by people who were not part of your immediate family. They gave you new insights and perspectives. I recommend that you continue to seek out those “other people”, especially in the first year of retirement. Join a group trip, sign up for a course or volunteer with an organization that interests you. Expand your network and be surprised by the inspiring stories and views of others.

Sleep! It’s very tempting to browse the internet late into the night, drink for hours or just do nothing. After all, there is no need to be sharp the next morning. But a lack of sleep is not pleasant for anyone. Therefore, get enough sleep every day and try to maintain a sleep rhythm that you feel comfortable with. This way you keep energy to do the things that make you so happy.

Let go, but also think ahead

Of course it’s great to go on a long, well-deserved holiday right after your last day at work. There’s nothing wrong with that. But also think about what you want to do in the first year of retirement with so much time on your hands. If you start your retirement without preparation, chances are that after a while you will still fall into the infamous black hole. Therefore, prepare yourself for the period afterwards and close your career well at the same time. This way you can really enjoy the first year of your retirement and the many years to come.

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