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Essenburgh Research & Consultancy

Our story

In 1950, the Premonstratensians, also known as the Norbertines, of the Abbey of Berne in Heeswijk purchased the estate 'De Essenburgh' in Hierden to establish a monastery and study centre. Essenburgh Research & Consultancy was founded in 1968 by the Order of the Norbertines and was originally called 'Training Centre De Essenburgh'.

The goal of Essenburgh at that time was "supporting people and organizations in loss and change processes". After all these years, this objective is still central in our work.

As a training centre, Essenburgh plays a prominent role in helping people to deal with complex change. Through these years of experience, Essenburgh Research & Consultancy has grown into a recognizable organization in the Netherlands.

Our values

Why we exist

Now that financial gain and ever-advancing technology are shaping society, people are more vulnerable than ever. Our brains are put to the test. What can you handle? And what is becoming too much? How do you deal with situations that are so complex and impressive that they change your life, your work and even your beliefs?

Essenburgh Research & Consultancy represents a new age. We help people and organizations to (re)discover their resilience. We provide the opportunity to reflect. At the same time, we help to build a sustainable healthcare system, that provides better healthcare at lower costs. We combine scientific knowledge and models with personal experiences. This creates fresh ideas that everyone can benefit from. Are you ready?


Care matters is the creed of Research & Consultancy. The human dimension is central to our work. You matter.


Every person has the right to education, attention and the best care at the lowest possible cost. Every person matters.

What we do

Do not expect ready-made solutions from us. We don’t spell anything out. People and organizations need to gain insight themselves. Essenburgh Research & Consultancy provides the tools with which you acquire this insight and put the world at your fingertips. Even if the world is or has to be turned upside down.


Essenburgh Research & Consultancy offers a varied assortment of training and coaching services with respect to approaching retirement, sustainable employability, leadership, resilience and better care. We support clients in realizing complex change processes such as reorganizations and cultural changes.


Essenburgh Research & Consultancy advises its clients in the areas of complex collaboration and optimization issues, including in the healthcare sector. We use evidence-based methodologies for this purpose. And we think it is important that our methods are transferable.


Essenburgh Research & Consultancy performs independent applied (health) scientific research commissioned by governments and private companies. Our research helps clients to make the right decisions. In our reports and scientific publications, new insights are translated into practical solutions.

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Some situations can be so complex that they affect your life, your work and even your beliefs. In our training courses we focus on themes that put your brain to the test. We provide tools with which you gain the necessary insights to impact your world.
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Essenburgh represents a new age. We help to build a new healthcare system in which healthcare will cost less. We help organizations to create cohesion, so that people will show leadership, take responsibility and deal with major changes.

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