The health case

How do you as a healthcare organisation obtain funding for your healthcare innovation? And how can insurers make smart purchases and avoid or spread financing? We back up your intuition with facts, in a health case. In it, we demonstrate the impact of your healthcare innovation on health. We do this on the basis of literature studies and data analyses. The health case gives you tools to steer on results and growth. This gives you an edge over your competition.


A good strategy lays the foundation for a successful health case. We pay a lot of attention to this. We structure your approach using the Rainbow Model and other tools. We describe the activities and the stakeholders. Capture what it takes to change behavior. We also create an outcomes matrix about the expected effects, for example, in the area of health, quality and costs.


We help you design the research needed to validate key assumptions. For example about the feasibility, sustainability and impact of your ideas and projects.


You have the strategy, the scientific basis and an idea about the expected impact. The next step is to develop a business model for your stakeholders. We help you to develop the business model and earnings model of your healthcare innovation. You can then be sure that all required activities are in place to realize the new value proposition.


What is the potential of your healthcare innovation? Will this lead to better treatment results at lower costs (Quadruple Aim)? To find out, we make a statement about the expected impact on, for example, safety, functioning, symptoms, recovery, costs and productivity. We do this based on a prediction (using literature research) or we test this on your own data, if available. We then publish the case in a peer-reviewed journal. A scientific approach that convinces funders and professionals.

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Case study: Value based care Diaverum

The challenge

Networked care is seen as the strategy to achieve the Qudruple aim, but Diaverum lacked evidence and information on how to implement and measure this in practice. There were many pilots and projects but not with the desired result. Implementing a successful network care strategy was essential for getting good contracts with governments and insurers in different countries.

The solution

In collaboration with the Essenburgh the network strategy was translated into a plan of action over a period of three years. This is to guide and measure the implementation and impact of Diaverum’s network care strategy.

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