Essenburgh advies

Give guidance


Ours is a fast-moving society. Products, services and even entire sectors change, due to technological and economic trends. Changes take place faster than ever and that means we have to adapt constantly. You and your organization need to be flexible, innovative and enterprising. You need to go beyond your own limitations. The world must be turned upside down. There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all solutions. However, we can help you to navigate through complexity and take control of your world.

Essenburgh can help your organization with today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. Whether you wish to reorganize a healthcare system or introduce a completely different organizational culture. Simplicity is the key to success:

Devise your vision and act accordingly
Focus on results 
Care matters! Love people and help them to change

We guide you in making strategic decisions, assist you in developing business cases and help you to achieve success with complex change management projects. In our work we use an evidence-based approach. This is how we can help.

Vision & Strategy

Essenburgh helps you to discover what drives you and translate this into a hands-on action plan, enabling you to realize objectives and get results.


We can assist you and your organization in the development and implementation of change management projects. 


Essenburgh helps in thinking up pragmatic, supported solutions and in sustaining the changes that have been made.