GP Marleen Buijs:

“Pleasant trainers from whom I learned a lot”.

“I learned a lot from the Care Network masterclass. The great thing about it is that it focuses entirely on care structures. How do you organise care in the region? How do you find a common goal? And how do you ensure joint responsibility?”

So says general practitioner Marleen Buijs. Together with a colleague GP and a team of assistants, practice support workers and a nurse specialist, she runs a practice in Hoevelaken. “We are moving towards a regional alliance. To this end, we are phasing out the health centres and the Housing and Care Support Teams (OWZ) and transferring them to this new association. The district coordinators play an important role in this. That’s why they took the Care Network master class. I attended as chairman of both the steering group and the sounding board group. The masterclass took place at Huisartsen Eemland, where 160 GPs in the region work together.

Valuable tips and insights

“In order to establish the new structure properly, it is first of all important that we all pull together. We must all be convinced that the cooperation is necessary and that it will produce results. Then we have to look at how we can bring about that cooperation. Have successes and failures already been described somewhere, so that you don’t fall into the same pitfalls? Is there scientific research from which we can learn? The masterclass gave me all these valuable tips and insights. So did the realisation that our healthcare system has limitations that you can’t solve regionally.”

Network training

“In the masterclass we learned to start with the problems of the patient and his/her environment. These are really vulnerable people with many different care providers. What needs does this patient have and how can we organise it together as healthcare providers in such a way that it remains workable for the patient and he can pursue his goals? We found out that approximately 7,000 frail elderly people live in our region. During the second day of the course we made a business case for this target group. We made a plan and devised a structure and financing, among other things. In short, we took network care a step further. It really is a network training course.”

Scientifically substantiated

Marleen looks back on a useful and pleasant master class. “There is a clear line in the course and the master class is scientifically underpinned. The trainers Pim Valentijn and Herman Fijnvandraat really know what they’re talking about; that’s really nice.” The final question is: what next? “I’m curious to see what the district coordinators take away from this in their work. Several ideas have emerged that are definitely feasible for Huisartsen Eemland to shape regional cooperation. For myself, it gave me tools to give shape to my presidency. Moreover, it’s great to work together for two days. You get to know each other well.

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