Pension in sight – Fred van Etteger

“Highly recommended if your retirement is in sight.”

Through my work, I was able to sign up for the Pension in View training. It seemed very useful to me to follow this training, especially because I wanted to retire early and still had some financial questions about it.

The training included many aspects that were handled in a professional manner by the training leader. The topics were discussed in a light-hearted way and the atmosphere was soon very familiar. I heard new things and got tips that will be very useful when my work stops. The financial questions I had have been amply addressed and give me clarity. The location at the castle is beautiful and the care was also extremely good.

Highly recommended if your retirement is in sight!

Checklist: Finding a new balance

When you retire, you have quite a bit to look forward to. Your financial situation changes, as does the way you divide your time. Time that, if you don’t make a nice plan for this, can slip right through your fingers.

Pension in sight - Checklist

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