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‘I’m looking for a hobby! What’s fun to do? Many people who are retired have a busy schedule. The grandchildren, volunteer work, informal care. Would you like some more time for yourself? Then find an inspiring hobby. A hobby that relaxes, challenges and enriches your life. A feast for your brain! But what are you going to do?

A hobby is something you enjoy doing, where you want to put your energy and where you want to develop yourself. It is important that you enjoy it and that you find relaxation in it. At the same time, a hobby should also motivate and stimulate. Well, must. Nothing has to be done, of course. But a hobby remains fascinating if you develop yourself in it. It even seems to make your brain grow. This is called neuroplasticity. In short: a hobby can cost some effort. There is still so much to discover!

Top 7 hobbies to explore

In our Retirement in View courses, we speak to hundreds of people every year who are on the threshold of their new phase in life. The question then becomes: what will you do once you retire? That can be a quest. Many people then return to a hobby they once had. Because that feels good. By the way: you’re not the only one looking for a hobby. The search term: ‘I’m looking for a hobby’ is searched in Google 390 times a month. So we’re happy to lend you a hand. Here are the top 7 hobbies that retirees like to do:


Cooking is enormously popular. It’s relaxing and creative. And if the dish succeeds, you get a lot of satisfaction out of it. And of course: delicious food! Cooking as a hobby opens up a whole new world to you. You delve into ingredients, recipes and countries. You can take cooking lessons, look up recipes on the internet or book a culinary holiday. You never stop learning.


Photographing or filming

Photographing and filming lets you see the world in a completely different way. That’s what makes this hobby so surprisingly fun. If you go for nature photography, then you go outside a lot and discover new things in nature. If you like to photograph people, you will always make new contacts. You can join a photo club or improve yourself by reading books and watching YouTube videos. And what is true for photography is also true for filming. It has never been easier to make your own films. Because you can already film with your phone or your camera. And on the internet you can find handy software to edit your movies on your PC.

Wine tasting

Do you like wine? You could make a whole study out of that. And why not, because a whole new world will open up for you! A world of countries, regions, grape varieties and vintages. And of course the tasting itself. Go on a discovery tour of wine shops. Take a wine course. Or go on a wine tour, together with other wine lovers. You continue to learn and discover.


With painting you can let your creativity run free. It relaxes, challenges you and demands all your attention. Do you like abstract, landscapes or still lifes? If you’re just starting out in painting, it’s fine to buy your materials from a well-known discount store. And you don’t have to become a Picasso or Rembrandt. You develop the way you want to.

Get a pet

Do you move too little, are you inside too much and would you like more contacts? Get a dog! You can take it for a lovely walk, for example in the woods and on the heath. Along the way you will meet other people walking their dogs. It’s easy to have a chat. A pet provides cosiness. And you have a responsibility to take good care of your pet.


Do you like language? And do you have a subject you know a lot about and like to write about? Start a blog on the internet. You can write about any subject that concerns you. Like travelling, your (grand)children or your dog. You can also write about your hobby. Like cooking, photography or painting. It is not only fun to write about it, you also help other people with it. You can get comments on your blog, which in turn will bring you new contacts with like-minded people.


advice-advisor-7096Studying at retirement age is, of course, perfectly fine. This can be done in a very accessible way, for example by taking a course at the local people’s university. Take a home course. Or what about the Open University? With home study courses you have little or no contact with others, with classroom courses you make new contacts with people who have the same interests.

Hopefully we’ve inspired you with these examples. There are of course many, many more hobbies to think of. Maybe you are handy with your hands and like to tinker. Sport as a hobby is good for body and soul. Playing plays, playing chess, playing shuffleboard, writing poems. There’s so much to do. The key question is: which hobby suits you best? This is one of the issues we pay attention to during the training Pension in sight.

Pension in sight

When you retire, quite a few things change. Your financial situation, your daily rhythm and your social activities. Your health, meaning and relationships. It can be difficult to find a balance. In the training Retirement in sight we offer you the space to reflect on your workable life and look ahead to your retirement. A moment of reflection at a unique location. In inspiring sessions you will gain the insights you need to design your new life.

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