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How can Essenburgh help you and your organisation to implement change?

Change is seldom met without resistance. 70 to 80% of change management projects do not deliver the required results. Insufficient support, a lack of control and floundering project management cause change to pass away quietly. Essenburgh can help you to develop an implementation plan and to formulate a solid change management approach to make change real. We take change from the boardroom to the workplace, where it is really effective.

 We can assist you and your organization in the development and implementation of change management projects. Based on a baseline assessment, we provide an overview of your achievements and opportunities in the areas of quality, client focus and efficiency. We know which implementation techniques work and which ones do not, so, you will be able to apply these straight away in everyday work practice.

 Essenburgh has extensive experience in managing complex change management projects. We often work together with healthcare organizations and also with other supportive organizations, such as fire departments. We always take into account both the ‘hard’ side and the ‘soft’ side of the required change, so as to come up with pragmatic, supported solutions.

Would you learn more about our implementations plans? In an orientation talk we can tell you all about how we can help. 


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