Organizational research

Our expertise

Essenburgh’s strength lies in the application of scientific research. We have experience with both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies and techniques, and regularly share our findings in scientific journals. In our reports and consulting services we translate scientific insights into practical solutions for issues in the public and private sectors. Our research and consulting services are pragmatic and hands-on, geared to addressing the problems that our clients are faced with. Essenburgh’s expertise lies in the creation of value through applied scientific research.

How can Essenburgh assist in your organization's research?

Person-focused and value-based healthcare: science proves it is possible. And, we provide the necessary knowledge. Essenburgh helps you to find your way in the complex healthcare landscape. We carry out research and analyze, and provide solutions based on factual conclusions. This enables us to assess your organization’s achievements in creating value-based healthcare and person-focused care. Continual monitoring helps you and your organization to change course on time.

Want to learn more about our research? Our recent publications can give you a good idea of what our research can provide. Would you like to learn what our approach could do for your organization? Feel free to contact us.

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