Retirement in sight


Would you like to get some inspiration about the time you will have when you retire? Then read some
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Enough inspiration to
get started atand be well prepared for this new and pleasant phase of life.

Download checklist Retirement in sight

Because quite a lot changes in this new phase, it is not always easy to find a balance. That’s why we’ve listed the most important aspects of retirement for you in this checklist. This way you can get started and be well prepared for that new and pleasant life phase.

Brochure: Pension in sight training courses

Are you about to retire? And do you think it’s important to prepare well for this new phase of life? You can! Essenburgh has several Pension insight trainings for you. You will explore new ways to manage your time. And you learn to deal with the changes in this new phase of life. Among other things, we’ll reflect on the impact of your work to date. The effects of the changes in your life. Your vitality and resilience. And your future prospects. Curious? Download the brochure now.

Webinar: What will I have in my pocket (soon)?

Do you already have an idea of what you will have to spend when you stop working? Our Pension and Financial Experts will be happy to explain it to you. They do this during the webinar “What do I have (later) in the knip?” that you can follow from the comfort of your armchair.


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A clear picture of what awaits me as a retiree.

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