The Retirement insight trainings
of Essenburgh

A Retirement insight Training helps you think about, plan and fill in your retirement time.
All of our PIZ trainings are based on the New Balance Model we developed. This model offers insight and helps you adjust the change process that inevitably occurs when you retire.

At Essenburgh, you take Retirement insight Training in a way that suits you.
For example, you can choose from a 3-day training at a unique location, a training connected to your (new) hobby, a multi-day (active) training abroad or follow the training via an e-learning module.

Retirement insight 3-day

The 3-day Retirement insight Training “Well Arranged” gives you tools for a new phase of life.

In a unique setting on the Veluwe, you will unwind and find inspiration to redefine your life. You will exchange thoughts with your fellow students and come to insights on topics that matter. We challenge you to both reflect and look forward. A moment of reflection in a unique location.

Retirement insight Specials

We have developed several Specials that allow you to directly combine PIZ training with a (new) hobby.

Choose from, among others:

Retirement insight Travel Specials

A completely different environment helps you open up to new insights. That’s why during this Retirement insight Training we are going to the beautiful Mallorca for 7 days. The fine environment and rich culture offer you the chance to prepare at your leisure for the changes that await you after retirement. For sports enthusiasts, we also offer this training in Mallorca in combination with various bicycle tours.

Retirement insight Online

The Retirement insight Online is composed of 10 modules, covering all components of a healthy and balanced life. With this digital retirement course, you can prepare yourself for retirement from any location and at any time.

The e-learning modules are made up of a combination of instructional videos, tests, assignments and a workbook. All modules can be taken via your computer, tablet or phone. Preparing for retirement has never been more flexible!