Pension course (Retirement in sight) – Setting your own course

You’re approaching retirement. You are entering a new phase of life and you want to live it as healthily, vitally and happily as possible. But your perspective is completely turned upside down: what you have called ‘free time’ until now will soon become ‘ordinary’ time.

Your daily life will change, more than you might think. What’s your new rhythm? What are you going to do? And how do you find the right balance? A retirement course is now invaluable. In such a course preparing for retirement, you are given the right tools to get the most out of it. So register soon for a retirement in sight course.

Time to rediscover the meaning of your life!
Training Duration Start date End date Location Price
Pension in sight – Bicycle 4 days 02-08-2021 06-08-2021 Hotel Mallejan – Vierhouten € 1395,00
Pension in sight – Hiking 4 days 14-09-2021 17-09-2021 Villa Vennendal – Nunspeet € 1095,00
Pension in sight – Well arranged 3 days 25-08-2021 27-08-2021 Castle de Vanenburg – Putten € 960,00
Retirement in sight – Golf 4 days 07-09-2021 10-09-2021 Essenburgh Castle – Hierden € 1495,00
Pension in sight – Well arranged 3 days 22-09-2021 24-09-2021 Castle de Vanenburg – Putten € 960,00
Pension in sight – Mallorca 7 days 26-09-2021 02-10-2021 Mallorca € 1595,00
Pension in sight – Well arranged 3 days 06-10-2021 08-10-2021 Castle de Vanenburg – Putten € 960,00
Retirement in sight – Mallorca bike 7 days 10-10-2021 17-10-2021 Mallorca € 1745,00
Retirement in sight – Mallorca bike 7 days 24-10-2021 30-10-2021 Mallorca € 1745,00
Retirement in sight – Wild Spots 4 days 02-11-2021 05-11-2021 Heerlickheijd- Ermelo € 1095,00
Pension in sight – Well arranged 3 days 17-11-2021 19-11-2021 Essenburgh Castle – Hierden € 960,00
Pension in sight – Well arranged 3 days 01-12-2021 03-12-2021 Castle de Vanenburg – Putten € 960,00
Retirement in sight – Wild Spots 3 days 15-12-2021 17-12-2021 Castle de Vanenburg – Putten € 960,00
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Our different retirement in sight courses

Travel, cycling, 3-day well organized, just some of our offerings. There is also a suitable training for you. Below we discuss the various retirement in sight courses offered by Essenburgh Training & Advice. More information about the content of the individual courses can be found by clicking on the course of your choice. Important to know: in all our courses the same content is covered, so you’re not missing anything in your retirement preparation if you choose for example for an active retirement in sight Cycling or Walking.

What can I expect from the Well Arranged training?

The retirement in sight course 3-day is our most chosen retirement in sight training. In this course, under the guidance of an expert trainer, all relevant topics are discussed in a small group. During the 3-day course you will also work with your hands during the sculpting workshop. This is a nice variation in the program and is always appreciated by less creative participants.

Rather be active? Have you seen our Specials?

Then one of the retirement in sight Specials Golf, Hiking or Cycling might be more suitable for you. In the Specials, the same themes are discussed and together you will discover or deepen your hobby. Crazy about nature in the Netherlands? Then look at Wild Spotting on the beautiful Veluwe. In winter, our Special Retirement in Sight Christmas is also highly recommended: the fairytale Christmas atmosphere in the beautiful castle guarantees a special experience!

Can I also follow a training abroad?

Rather enjoy the spring or autumn sun on the Spanish island of Mallorca? Or even apart from the pizzeria course actively discover the island on an e-bike? Then our Specials Mallorca and Cycling on Mallorca are interesting for you. Also both these retirement in sight trainings offer the same content, but just that little bit extra because of the beautiful surroundings.

Do you want to follow retirement in sight on Mallorca and enjoy this island longer?

Of course you can! You arrange the different flight(s) yourself. Do you like to fly with the group on the outward journey or the return journey? Then we will be happy to book this part of the trip for you.

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You get to know yourself and your partner better in a humorous way

Linda Mulder – Lankreijer

Highly recommended if you have a retirement in sight.

Fred van Etteger

A clear picture of what awaits me as a retiree.

Wim Key