Pension preparation in 8 days: this is possible on Mallorca

Immersing yourself in another culture is good for several reasons. The change of scenery, the foreign language and the new people take you out of the rut of your working days and give you a new perspective on things. This makes you flexible, which in turn makes you better able to deal with change. It is exactly for this reason that the Essenburgh organizes the Pension in sight training on Mallorca, where participants can get a taste of life after their career. A life that tastes for more, according to many. In this blog I will tell you about the eight days of training.

Why are we going to Majorca?

Time has stood still on this Spanish island in the Mediterranean. The further you get away from the capital Palma de Mallorca, the calmer and more beautiful it becomes. Although the island is not large (about 3500 m2), the diversity is. Vast plains, orchards and on the west coast of course those beautiful rocks. The life of the Majorcan people is easy-going and revolves around family and good, pure food. Tourists are welcomed with open arms and are allowed to eat and enjoy. All these features make Mallorca the perfect location to reflect on yourself and the retirement preparation.

Retirement: a predictable transition?

Because it’s a big deal, quitting work. Your daily rhythm will change completely and you will have to find other activities that give you satisfaction. You start seeing your partner more often, you manage your time differently and your financial situation changes as well. All of these things combined can make retirement preparation stressful. And that’s just not the point! During the Retirement in Sight training on Mallorca all aspects of your new phase in life will be addressed. In a completely different environment you will reflect on yourself, your working life and everything you still want to do. You will get to know the people, new activities, the beautiful surroundings and the Majorcan kitchen. This way you work hard on yourself, but the training also feels a bit like a holiday.

Day 1 and 2. Get into the island rhythm

After the travel day, the Retirement in sight training starts at breakfast. No need to get up at 7: you don’t have to join us until 8:30. During the day we organize several sessions. Together we look back on the years behind you. How has your life developed? What events have changed your life and how are you doing at the moment? Then we travel as a group to the northwest of the island, where we visit the monastery of Lluc. Here you can stroll through the gardens and visit the monastery chapel.

Day 3. The 10 commandments for the vital brain

On Tuesday mornings, a boys’ choir often sings in the chapel. Both the students and we ourselves find this an enchanting experience. Then we travel a bit further and get a hot lunch. How different from the Netherlands! In the afternoon we tell the group about the aging brain. Can it learn something (hint: yes) and how? We also share the 10 commandments for the vital brain, which definitely include healthy eating and exercise. In the evening we travel on to Santa Maria, where we have dinner with a group of Italians who have settled on Mallorca. Another kitchen!

Day 4. Finance Day

Wednesday is all about finances. We share information about the AOW, payroll tax and the pension itself. We also discuss how to deal with less money and more time. In addition, insurance and inheritance are discussed. What exactly is the situation with inheritance law and is it necessary to keep all your possessions? We discuss digital legacy and ways to avoid wandering online after death. In the afternoon it is time for more cheerful things. We challenge you to learn something new in a sculpture course. Your own creation can be taken home and is for many participants a meaningful memory.

Day 5. The life of a pensionado

After all that information and activity, we move on to a calmer program. Thursday morning we start with a walk through the area. Rest is also part of retirement and you get to taste it! In the afternoon we organize a session about your qualities and talents. How will you use them after you retire? Does it also mean something for your relationship and what do you expect from your partner? How do you express your wishes to each other? Maybe your husband or wife works longer hours and you don’t both have lots of time on your hands. We discuss these subjects in game form, after which we enter into discussion together.

Day 6. Paella and Chopin

Friday we go out again. We visit the monastery in Valdemossa and attend a concert with music by Chopin, who once spent the winter here. Lunch is a local version of the famous paella, which we eat in the town of Sóller. In the afternoon we evaluate the week. What did the activities, the conversations and the Majorcan environment get you? What do you want to get started on as soon as you get home? In the evening we are served a typical Majorcan meal, with all kinds of delicacies of the island. Many students have to get used to the taste, but find it a real experience.

Day 7 and 8. The combination of old and new

Saturday is a free day. You can go to the beach, or to the capital Palma de Mallorca. Here you will find the beautiful cathedral La Seu. We advise course participants to visit the Santa Catalina district in any case, an old district that the Mallorcans have renovated. This created a special combination of old and new, a nice symbol for our journey. On the travel day we say goodbye to each other and Mallorca and return to the Netherlands. There you can reminisce, but above all look forward to the approaching retirement!

Pressure cooker

As you’ve read, all aspects of retirement are covered in eight days. Because you are also in a different environment, the course works like a pressure cooker and leaves a lasting impression. Does this form of retirement preparation sound like something for you? Then take a look at the training page, where you can ask any questions you may have.


Or are you curious how well prepared you are for your retirement? Download the Pension in sight checklist below. Want to learn more about how to prepare for your retirement years? Then take a look at our retirement in sight training.

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