The power of knowledge


Organizational research - in Healthcare and other sectors

Essenburgh believes that everyone deserves the best care possible. This is why we invest in knowledge. Our independent scientific research helps to solve important healthcare issues. We have vast experience in applying organizational models and cooperative models to provide better healthcare at a lower cost.

 Our consultancy is always based on facts. So, we ask exploratory questions, make analyses and keep searching where others stop. Our scientific research is applied and leads to focused advice for the healthcare sector and other sectors. Universal topics, such as value creation, collaboration and leadership, are not only important to healthcare but to other sectors, such as safety (fire department, police), education and business services, as well. You may read more about organizational research below:

Organizational Research

Essenburgh’s strength lies in the application of scientific research. We have experience with both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies and techniques, and regularly share our findings in scientific journals.


We believe in the power of knowledge. This is why we regularly publish articles, reports and books. In the overview below you may find our most important scientific publications.


With our tools we are able to provide every organization with fact-based consulting services. This is because they give information that can be applied in every sector or situation.