value based healthcare

Everyone deserves the best of care

    Better care

    Healthcare has a lot to bear. Costs are rising and we are losing sight of the things that really matter. Where healthcare is concerned, the focus should not be on healthcare costs or production but on values. Things must change. Better. Cheaper. Customer-friendlier. The question is how we can organize tomorrow’s care in such a way that patients will literally feel better because of it. After all, everyone deserves the best of care. Essenburgh helps organizations to lead the pack towards tomorrow’s healthcare. View our lectures and workshops:

    Seminar Value-Based Care

    In the seminar ‘Value-based Healthcare: together we can make things better & cheaper’ Dr Pim Valentijn will explain, using practical examples, which steps are needed to achieve value-based care in practice.

    First Aid for Value-Based Care

    In the training course, Essenburgh will help you to develop such a business case. Together we will write down the basis for a value-based partnership and calculate the potential health and financial returns on investment

    Value-based care in 5 steps

    In this workshop we will prepare you and your organization for value-based care. In 5 steps we will bring your situation into view and turn this into an action plan. It is intended for decision makers in healthcare.