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Better Healthcare

Training - Value Based Healthcare

Healthcare has a lot to bear. Costs are rising and we no longer focus on the things that really matter. Where healthcare is concerned, the focus should not be on healthcare costs or production but on values. Things must change. Better. Cheaper. Customer-friendlier. The question is how we can organize tomorrow’s care in such a way that patients will literally feel better because of it. After all, everyone deserves the best of care.

Connected Care

Better healthcare for less money: that is our ideal. And it really is possible, as long as we organize healthcare differently. If we take patients as our point of departure and collaborate throughout the healthcare chain, we can prevent and cure disease, and make it more bearable. This is called a network of care. Healthcare organizations must look further than their own boundaries. However, as research points out, this is easier said than done. This is logical, because how do you create value for all stakeholders involved? Do you know what your patients’ real health issues and risks are? How much does caring for your patients actually cost? And how do you organize a successful healthcare network? Essenburgh can advise you on your plan of approach.

The Rainbow Model

Successful value-based healthcare is based on two principles. Firstly, it is vital that you are clear on your Triple Aim objectives. These objectives are about achieving the best possible care and health for patients at the lowest possible costs. Secondly, you need to look at the types of healthcare that can be provided as close to your patients as possible. To put it in technical terms: making the transition from fragmented to connected care. These two footholds are the basis for value-based care. Essenburgh brings these elements together in the Rainbow Model. This model helps you in gaining insights in what is needed in order to provide better healthcare at lower costs. View the model below and click the different levels for a further description of the elements.


Seminar on value-based care

Are you eager to turn healthcare upside down? In the seminar ‘Value-based Healthcare: together we can make things better & cheaper’ Dr Pim Valentijn will explain, using practical examples, which steps are needed to achieve value-based care in practice. Together we will look at what patients really need and how your organization can provide this in a network of care. At the end of the seminar, you will be able to apply theoretical and practical insights immediately, in your organization, district or region. Become a leader of tomorrow’s healthcare and request a quote to participate in this seminar.

This seminar is intended for decision makers in healthcare. Say, managing directors, managers and department heads, and also general practitioners, medical specialists and other healthcare professionals. We also recommend this seminar if you are not a decision maker but play an advisory role in your organization. You can come on your own, and you can also apply with your whole management team, board of directors or board of supervisors. Let us know and we will arrange a closed session.

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