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When the world has been turned upside down

Sometimes it feels as if the world has come to a standstill. Complex and drastic events can affect your life or your work forever. In this fast-moving world, there is little time and space for you to get back on your feet. What you need is a moment of contemplation to (re)discover the meaning of your life and your work.

Essenburgh helps you to focus clearly again. To regain resilience, to learn how to deal with change, to show leadership and take responsibility. We do not provide ready-to-use solutions, but the pointers you need to gain your own insights. When the world has been turned upside down, our training courses get you back on your feet.

Retirement ahead

Your retirement is just ahead. You are entering a new phase in your life and want to spend your time as healthily, energetically and happily as possible. However, your perspective is turned upside down. What you used to call ‘time off’ will soon be ‘just’ time. Essenburgh helps you to give meaning to this new phase in your life.


Sometimes something can affect you more than you expected. Certain events, such as illness, change, loss and death, can really leave their mark. When the world has been turned upside down, you need to find your way all over again. Essenburgh helps people and organizations to rediscover their resilience and start over.


Are you the kind of leader who has what it takes to lead a network organization? Essenburgh helps you to lead your team and your organization in a value-driven manner. In this way, you can take up today’s and tomorrow’s challenges together.