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When the world needs turning upside down

In a world where economic growth and technology seem to be setting the agenda, the sky appears to be the limit. For instance, in healthcare, where cost management is a mantra. However, regard for people is hard to find. There is a lack of cohesion.

Essenburgh is on the verge of a new age. We help to build a new healthcare system in which healthcare will cost less. We help organizations to create cohesion, so that people will show leadership, take responsibility and deal with major changes. We prove that it can be done. When you combine scientific knowledge and people’s experiences, fresh new ideas come to light from which everyone can benefit. Essenburgh advises organizations when the world needs turning upside down. How? You can read more below:

Better care

Over the coming years, the healthcare sector will be faced with a great challenge. Expenditure is going through the roof and we are losing sight of the things that really matter. How do you organize tomorrow’s healthcare in such a way that patients actually experience value?


Essenburgh can help your organization in tackling today’s and tomorrow’s issues and challenges. Whether you want to reorganize a healthcare system or bring about huge changes in organizational culture.


Using independent scientific research, we contribute to solving societal challenges in healthcare. We have the necessary expertise for designing organizational and collaborative models that create better healthcare at lower costs.