dr. Pim Valentijn

Healthcare expert, analyst, speaker and author

Dr. Pim Valentijn (1982) is a health scientist, analyst, speaker and author. He brings a unique perspective to the topic of collaboration and innovation in the healthcare industry. Pim is a highly regarded as a key-note speaker on integrated care and currently serves as the managing director of Essenburgh Group, an independent research and consulting firm.

Over the past decade, his research focused on how to improve healthcare through better collaboration and innovation. His goal is to make healthcare more efficient, enjoyable, and effective by helping people to succeed in this area. In 2013, Pim published the Rainbow Model, a widely recognized framework for organizing healthcare innovations that is now used by organizations and governments in more than 25 countries to shape their innovation strategies.

Pim also give lectures and seminars on various topics and conduct international studies on the effectiveness and efficiency of integrated care. As a strategic advisor, he uses his research to develop new revenue models for healthcare organizations and also serve as a supervisor in the healthcare industry. Pim received his health science degree from the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam and earned his PhD from Tilburg University for his research on the effectiveness of integrated care. In his free time, I enjoys cycling and cooking.