Have you already prepared for your retirement?

The pension system is changing. More than ever, it is important to arrange financially well in a timely manner.
The current pension schemes and the phasing out of social security mean that we have to make more and more choices. In all stages of life. A new phenomenon that no one can ignore. Your retirement still seems far away, but it is your financial security in the future. Are you well prepared for what’s to come?

Do not wait to long

You work hard. You develop. And maybe you already have an idea of where you want to go with your career. Very nice! But how are you doing financially? What is important to you? How do you want to organize your life, now and in the future? And have you already thought about your retirement?

Our advice: don’t wait too long to think about it. Because then you know where you stand. And what you have to do.
This gives overview, confidence and peace of mind.


Essenburgh advises you on your financial planning. We help you to make complex matter simple and transparent. You gain insight into the legislation and into the collective labor agreement or pension policy of your organization. Create a scenario plan based on that. You then know what you can do yourself to ensure that you set aside enough money, even if you have to deal with, for example, redundancy or illness. And maybe you want to be financially free in time.


Essenburgh is not a financial service provider, but a training and consultancy firm that has been operating for more than 50 years pension in sight trainings gives. We give these to employees of large and medium-sized organizations throughout the Netherlands. In our training courses we combine scientific insights with personal experiences. We also discuss the financial consequences of the pension. We know people’s questions and doubts and see the importance of financial planning. Based on that motivation, we provide honest advice, 100% independent of financial products and services.

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