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Essenburgh represents a new age. We help people and organizations in finding their resilience. We provide the opportunity to reflect. In the meantime, we help to build a sustainable healthcare system, that provides better healthcare at lower costs. The combination of knowledge and personal experience creates fresh ideas that everyone can benefit from. Each and every one of us deserves the best possible life.

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The world has been turned upside down

Some situations can be so complex that they affect your life, your work and even your beliefs. In our training courses we focus on themes that put your brain to the test. We provide tools with which you gain the necessary insights to impact your world.

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The world needs to be turned upside down

Essenburgh represents a new age. We help to build a new healthcare system in which healthcare will cost less. We help organizations to create cohesion, so that people will show leadership, take responsibility and deal with major changes.

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"Looking from the perspective of the user gave me a lot of insight. It made it so much easier to make changes in the organization. I appreciated the practical advice".
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