Retirement insight

Did you know…

No plan

…40% of the Dutch do not have a pension plan?



….82% of the Dutch say they are insufficiently prepared for retirement?



…59% of the Dutch are afraid of not being healthy when retirement age is reached?

Retirement Insight ?!

Retirement is no small thing. In many cases it brings a huge change; routines change and you suddenly have a lot of time!

Everyone experiences and fills retirement time differently. However, for some, retiring is also difficult. What will you do without the daily obligations? And how do you make sure you find a new rhythm and balance?


Happy Retirement!

At Essenburgh, we believe that everyone who is about to retire should be well prepared for this life change.

By retirement happy we mean the following:
“The extent to which people can enjoy the new phase of life in the face of health, financial and social challenges associated with aging.

Retirement in Sight training.

An Essenburgh Retirement In Sight training can help you plan and fill in your retirement time.

All of our PIZ courses are based on our developed New Balance Model. This model provides insight and helps you adjust the change process that inevitably occurs when you retire.

Is well prepared for retirement

Is a healthy lifestyle

Is not burdened by financial uncertainties

Sorry, this interactive model is at the moment only available in Dutch. We still wanted to show it, because it is an important model in our trainings.

What is a Retirement in Sight course?

Our Retirement in Sight courses are for everyone. Whatever your situation, with a PIZ course you will start your retirement well prepared.

Our courses are structured according to the New Balance Model we developed. Based on this model, we cover the 6 main themes of the upcoming retirement.

  • Your values and their importance

  • Social life?!

  • Find balance in your new rhythm of life

  • Dealing with financial changes

  • Why continued learning is so important

  • Here’s how to keep your aging body healthy

What does a Retirement in Sight training course cost?

As little as €870, you’ll take part in a 3-day course at a unique location that will give you tools for your new phase of life: retirement.

On our training calendar you will find a complete and up-to-date overview of the packages, dates, locations and costs of the various Retirement in Sight courses.

Expense allowance

At many companies, institutions and organizations it is possible to use a personal development budget. This budget is intended to get started with your own career, including in preparation for retirement. In many cases, the PIZ course can be taken and paid for from this budget.

So there is a good chance that all costs for the course will be reimbursed by your employer. However, it is important to know how to qualify for this.

Reimbursement by employer

Employers often have a budget they can use to guide employees through the process toward retirement. This budget may be stipulated in your industry’s collective bargaining agreement or come from another “pot,” such as budget for training and development or the SLIM-subsidie. Check with your supervisor, HR person or union if you can claim such compensation.

Experiences of others

You get to know yourself and your partner better in a humorous way

Linda Mulder - Lankreijer

Highly recommended as your retirement approaches!

Fred van Etteger

I only now have a clear picture of what awaits me as a retiree.

Wim Sleutel

Our 5 guarantees

If you take a training course, you want results. To ensure this, we provide the following guarantees for all of our Retirement In Sight trainings

The training always goes on

A training at Essenburgh always takes place. If, unexpectedly, there are not enough registrations for a group training, you can choose: participation on another date, an online training, or a 1-on-1 coaching session. Of course without extra costs. So you can be sure that your planned training will always take place.

Small groups

An important condition for results is personal attention. We provide training to a maximum of 20 students per course. There is plenty of room for 1-on-1 attention and asking questions. This way you make quick progress. Through intensive cooperation and the exchange of experiences you will make friends for life during the training.

Ironclad content

During the Retirement in Sight training you will receive the most up-to-date information regarding the pension system and retirement. Based on extensive experience and scientific insights, you will receive information and tools that are truly useful in practice. The training is supervised by professional trainers and speakers.

Support program

Essenburgh offers a support program after the training. This program gives you the opportunity for (extra) support in further putting your goals into practice. You also retain access to the digital learning environment.

Not retirement happy? Money back.

Are you not retired after the training despite having completed the entire program? Then you get your money back. We don’t make a fuss about that.

What Retirement in Sight trainings are there ?

PIZ 3-day