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Five trends in healthcare you should know about

In short, value-based healthcare means more health for less or the same amount of money. This is necessary to be able to take on future challenges.

We are being confronted with a growing and changing demand for healthcare and an enormous rise in healthcare costs. This is because we are living longer and don’t always live a healthier lifestyle. We are seeing an increase in diseases of affluence, such as obesity and diabetes. At the same time patients are playing a more active role in (co)deciding on their treatment and the desired results. Healthcare costs are also increasing due to innovations and new treatment options.

One of the big challenges for the future of healthcare is to counteract the current fragmentation of healthcare. We need to learn to work together to overcome the barriers between healthcare organizations. This is easier said than done, which means there are not many successful cooperations and it is tempting to give up and continue doing things the way we are used to doing them. Or to not even try to change anything.

In this blog we will show you why this is not an option. We will explain this based on important trends within healthcare in the next few decades. After reading this blog, it will be clear that we do need to go down the road of value-based healthcare for a healthy, affordable and futureproof health