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Michael Porter’s Value Based Healthcare (VBHC); solution or illusion?

Healthcare is fragmented, the quality of care isn’t always as optimal as it should be and the costs keep rising by double digits. Michael Porters and Elizabeth Teisberg’s Value

Based Healthcare (VBHC) is seen by many as the solution to these problems. But is it really? In this blog we will show you that VBHC will only lead to even more inadequate coordination within the healthcare sector. If this model is widely implemented, people with complex health care demands like multimorbid patients and vulnerable elderly will be the biggest losers. Groups that are growing in this country. But thankfully there is an alternative based on an integrated care approach, with incentives for cooperation between professionals to keep the right kind of healthcare in the right place, supported by the latest information technology.

What is VBHC?

Simply put, VBHC is about