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The differences between network medicine and integrated care that you need to know

Network thinking is becoming more popular in healthcare. And it should be, because integrated care has proven to be an effective method to take on the rising healthcare demands and costs. This popularity does have a downside; it has led to an array of synonyms for integrated care: network medicine, coordinated care, managed care, continuity of care, case management, transmural care, patient-centred care, shared care etc. The so-called ‘Bullshit Bingo’. You could say: ‘What does it matter, it all boils down to the same thing anyway?’. Unfortunately it’s not that simple. Aside from the fact that it’s confusing to use different terms to describe the same thing, some of these terms have an entirely different meaning (figure 1). Like network medicine. In this blog we will explain the difference between network medicine and network care.

Figure 1: Elephant