How to build a successful care innovation ?

Our healthcare consultancy helps decision-makers in the healthcare sector to realise impactful healthcare innovations by substantiating them with measurable (Triple Aim) KPIs and reliable (scientific) data.

Do you have an innovative idea that you are excited to put to work within your organisation? Unfortunately, a good idea is usually not enough to achieve success.

We help you develop your concept further, sharpen it into a feasible plan of action and substantiate assumptions. Together, we translate the ideas into a practical overall solution. We give you the foundation for your healthcare innovation with which you can convince financiers and professionals.

We can supervise the entire development process or give you a flying start in a single meeting – completely tailored to your question and needs.

This is what we do.

Strategy development

With a clear innovation strategy, you have a good plan for the future.

Business model

Underpin the impact of your healthcare innovation with a smart business and earnings model.

Data analysis

Make the impact of your care innovation measurable and visible.


Better cooperation in care is a simple and powerful approach to connect people with each other and their goals.

Why consulting ?


We underpin the impact of your healthcare innovation and identify the opportunities.


In 3 weeks, from strategic challenge to 3 elaborated concepts.


We base our findings on evidence.


You want to work efficiently. So do we. That is why you will receive a clear and concise report.

Our approach.

Step 1; Orientation interviews

Before we start a consultancy project, we have several meetings to map out the goals and starting points for your organisation, institution, challenge or product. The aim is to clarify the focus and content of the innovation and the associated process. After approval, the consultancy process can be started.

Step 2;The route

On the basis of the exploratory talks, a plan of action was drawn up with which our experts set to work. Within the consultancy process – tailored to your wishes, needs and issue – the focus is on data collection, data analysis & interpretation, concretisation of objectives and evaluation & discussion possibilities, among other things. Afterwards, the results of the course are presented.

Step 3;Implementation & Support

The result is what you ultimately entered into a consultancy process for! That is why we stay in touch after presenting our findings. During various contact moments, we evaluate together how the process went and where there are still challenges and opportunities. We believe that a project does not end with the presentation of results and findings. By maintaining close contact, we take joint responsibility for the implementation of the chosen development strategy(s).

Frequently asked questions?

We help you to substantiate your healthcare innovation. We stand for improving the quality, accessibility and affordability of care (Triple Aim). An innovation will have to grow. An idea or concept must be developed further and assumptions must be substantiated (scientifically).

We sharpen ideas and concepts into a concrete and realistic plan of action – with clear, measurable goals and a practical total solution.span, lbspan,
In addition, we provide a rationale that convinces financiers and professionals.

It’s time for healthcare consultancy when…

  • An (intended) care innovation must be scientifically substantiated
  • It is unclear which care innovations are worthwhile for your organisation
  • The costs and benefits of a healthcare innovation are unclear or unsubstantiated
  • There is not enough time or skills within your organisation/institution to realise the care innovation optimally
  • There is no insight into usable and available (scientific) data and previous research

Essenburgh has been providing advice on innovation in healthcare for over 50 years.

With healthcare consultancy, we help decision-makers in healthcare –including directors, directors and managers, heads of department, BoMs and medical specialists– to make the right choices in the field of healthcare innovation. Using evidence-based insights and research, we make people think about their challenges and help shape and implement care innovation.

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Common mistakes made by consultants in healthcare are:

  • The target group is defined too broadly
  • The efficacy and impact of the care innovation is not described and/or not (scientifically) substantiated
  • Stakeholders, such as funders and healthcare professionals, are not taken into account
  • The care innovation is not based on the latest scientific and practical insights

A business caseis about the innovation focusing on the positive financial/economic consequences for the organisation/institution concerned. A health case focuses more on the innovation having intrinsic value; it should have positive effects on health- or welfare-oriented goals.


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