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Lecture Integated Care by Dr. Pim Valentijn

Discover the essence of integated care in the fascinating lecture by Dr. Pim Valentine. Discover how healthcare providers, patients and stakeholders can work together to seamlessly integrate and improve healthcare. Learn about the pitfalls and solutions that this method of care entails.

Insight into the latest trends and developments.

Clear strategies and practical tools.

Usefull cases and practical examples.

Directly applied to your own healthcare organization.

Discover the power of value-driven integrated care with our lectures

In today’s healthcare, the transition to integrated care, is not just a trend, it’sa necessity.

Our keynote lectures about integrated care are insightful and tailor-made presentations that will help your organization with the transition to a more integrated and more value-driven care approach.

Our experts are leading figures in the healthcare sector and bring a wealth of knowledge and practical experience that can motivate and inspire your team.

The lecture on network care is invaluable for the transformation of your healthcare institution.

It promotes integration between healthcare providers, patients and stakeholders, leading to efficiency, cost reduction, improved quality of care and higher patient satisfaction.

By sharing best practices and innovative approaches, this lecture provides inspiration and concrete steps towards a future of integrated, patient-centered care. It’s an opportunity to advance understanding and work together to create a healthier and more connected healthcare community.

Better coordination between healthcare providers
Efficient healthcare processes
Better health outcomes

What can you expect from the Integrated care lecture?

Insight into the latest trends and developments

of integrated care

Cases and examples

of successful integrated care implementations

Strategies and practical tools

to improve collaboration within and between organizations

Interactive sessions

With room for questions and answers with our experts to discuss your specific challenges

Why choose us

Expert speakers

Our speakers are experienced professionals who have in-depth knowledge of integrated care and its developments

Customized content

Each lecture is tailor-made to meet the specific needs of your organization, whether hospitals, healthcare networks or medical practices.

Interactive session

We believe in the power of interaction and participation. Our lectures are designed to actively engage participants and ensure lasting impact

Focus on value creation

Central in our approach is creating value for patients, healthcare providers and healthcare institutions through efficient and effective healthcare networks

Who is this lecture for?

Our lectures are particularly valuable for healthcare administrators, healthcare managers, healthcare professionals, and policy makers who strive to optimize healthcare processes, improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs through network care.

Healthcare administrators

Policymakers in healthcare

Healthcare professionals

Policymakers in healthcare

Customized Integrated Care lecture

Results of Integrated care

Higher satisfaction scores among both healthcare providers and patients

Patients benefit from a broader range of healthcare services through collaboration between healthcare providers

Better coordination and coordination of care

What are the steps to implement network care in my healthcare institution?

Dr. Pim Valentijn

Dr. Valentijn is a leading authority on healthcare integration and has worked with healthcare providers around the world to implement integrated care models.

The rainbow model of integrated care was first introduced by Dr. Pim Valentijn in 2013.

The rainbow model of integrated care was developed in response to the increasing need for a more coordinated way of collaborating in networks within health care.

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