How to make my healthcare innovation successful ?

Our courses & masterclasses, lectures & workshops, and webinars will give you a sharper picture of your healthcare innovation challenges.

We help you separate the root cause from the symptoms. We make sure you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve and identify the biggest obstacles standing in the way of the success of your healthcare innovation.

We help you identify opportunities and insights and generate real out-of-the-box solutions for innovation success.


Courses & Masterclasses

We organize inspiring courses and master classes for healthcare professionals and managers. On location, in-company or online. Tailor-made. In Dutch or English.

Lectures and workshops

We provide lectures on current topics such as value-based healthcare, care networks, innovations in healthcare, Triple Aim and the impact of better cooperation. On location, in-company or online. Tailor-made. In Dutch or English.


Join one of our webinars on such topics as value-based healthcare, care networks, innovations in healthcare, Triple Aim, and the impact of better cooperation. In-company or online. In Dutch or English.


Participants get a grip on the innovation process; by focusing on people, process and impact.
We work according to the Canvas method, which makes the solution complete and tangible.
Our master classes, trainings & lectures are given by experienced teachers. By doing so, we expand the skills and knowledge of our participants.
Participants innovate faster by using logical models and proven tools.

Our approach.

Step 1; Intake

Prior to the master class, an intake will take place. Based on the intake we will assign you to a training group with a similar background, learning goals, and points of attention. This way you get the most out of the training.

Step 2;The master class

The master class is characterized by inspiring introductions, followed by theoretical insights and practical assignments. Plenary sessions alternate with working out assignments in subgroups. The training is given by experienced trainers.

Step 3; Support

Essenburgh Training & Advies offers you a support program after the master class. The support program lasts three weeks and gives you the opportunity to receive support from the trainer in putting your learning goals into practice. You also have access to a digital learning environment.

Frequently asked questions

We always offer tailor-made lectures, workshops, (in-company) training, or webinar. This means that based on the number of participants and the complexity of your question we determine the content and prepare the quotation. It is also possible that we discover during the intake process that a different approach would better suit your challenge. Or even that we cannot help you any further.

Essenburgh’s trainings, lectures, and workshops are customized. We tailor the content to the participants. Participants come from different sectors and industries in healthcare. From general practices to hospitals, from municipalities to GGZ and VVT, and from management teams, directors, and policymakers to other healthcare professionals.

We want you to get the most out of the knowledge you have gained during the training. During the training, we give you tools to apply the knowledge, ideas, and skills you have gained and/or implement them in a practical situation. In addition, participants get access to their own portal, which includes an extensive knowledge base and an online community.

Yes, you certainly can. But an online training, workshop, or webinar often looks a little different in practice than the offline version at a physical location.

For example, with online webinars there is a need to take into account that the technology is working properly, breaks are taken more quickly and participants need to be educated on how to work with the online (innovation) tools.

For online trainings, workshops and webinars we have developed online learning environments. In this learning environment, the participants have access to all necessary materials, tools, and manuals and can easily consult/ brainstorm with each other.

We regularly get the question whether there are also in-company opportunities for our trainings, courses, workshops and lectures. Are you looking for a training, course, workshop or lecture tailored to your team / organization, tailored to the target group you work with? Contact us without obligation to discuss the possibilities.

It’s time for training when you want to develop new ideas, knowledge, and/or skills. Or if you are looking for ways to create value.

Our training courses deepen your knowledge and you will discover how complex (innovation) processes can be turned into success by focusing on people, process, and impact. Current theory and insights are linked to your practical situation.

Read more about our ideas, theories, core values, what we do, our vision for better healthcare, and meet the Essenburgh team.

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