How to make my healthcare innovation successful ?

Hire us for a webinar on value-based healthcare, healthcare networks, innovation in healthcare, continuity of healthcare, change strategies or the impact of better cooperation through (new) forms of collaboration.

In addition to lectures at venues in the Netherlands and abroad, we regularly share our knowledge and insights through webinars and digital sessions. These include a keynote, webinar, livestream with Q&A, interview, or interactive session.

Our areas of expertise are value-based healthcare, triple aim, the rainbow model, healthcare networks/network healthcare, innovations in healthcare, and the impact of better collaboration. We always offer a customized session, so your company, organization, or institution can really benefit from the contribution.

Current themes.

Our approach.

Step 1; Intake

Together we look at what you want and what possibilities we have and place a no-obligation option on the agenda. When the date, time, location, and the global subject and price are agreed we schedule a video call. In this video call of about an hour, we go through the most important points of the content together.

Step 2; The digital session

In the days leading up to the webinar, we’ll be in touch to coordinate the final details. Well before the webinar starts we are online and the technology is checked. The digital sessions have a practical approach, with many concrete examples and interactions with the participants. The duration of a session is between 30 and 45 minutes. The session can be given in Dutch or English. After the webinar, participants are given the opportunity to ask questions.

Step 3; Support

Upon completion, participants will receive the handout with the presentation materials covered in the webinar.


We always offer a customized webinar. This means that based on the number of participants and the complexity of your question we determine the content and prepare the quote. It is also possible that we find out during the intake that another approach is better suited to your challenge. Or even that we cannot help you any further.

Yes, you certainly can. But you can’t just copy an offline format.

With online webinars, other rules do apply. For example, you take breaks more quickly, you have to make sure the technology works and that the participants can access the innovation tools before the workshop. For our webinars, we make our online learning environment available. This way you and your colleagues have full access to all the necessary materials and you can easily brainstorm with each other online.

But the most important thing for a successful online workshop is the experience and expertise of the facilitator.

Get in touch.