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Care networks that work: the key to better outcomes

Network care is seen as the solution to improve accessibility, quality, patient satisfaction and efficiency of care. Network care is therefore not an end in itself but a means of achieving value-driven care, also known as value-based healthcare or triple aim. In this e-book you will read what a care network is and we will map the barriers and solution direction for the practice. Based on the Rainbow Model and (inter)national best practices.

Care networks that work Essenburgh

Knowledge page Value-driven care

There is a lot of knowledge to share about Value Driven Care. That’s why we’ve collected them all on one convenient knowledge page for you. What is Value Driven Care? Why Value-Driven Care? And how do you organize Value-Driven Care? You read it here!

Scientific publications

We believe in the power of knowledge. That is why we regularly publish articles, reports and books. See below for an overview of the most important scientific publications.

Ebook Rainbow of Chaos

This thesis by dr. Pim P. Valentijn aims to contribute to a better understanding of what integrated primary care is, and how it can be achieved by focussing on the collaboration processes that underlie the development of integrated primary care. The first part of this thesis operationalized the concept of integrated care from a primary care perspective. The second part of this thesis described the collaboration mechanisms among integrated care projects that were part of a national integrated primary care study in The Netherlands. Interested to learn more about integrated care? Download this ebook.

The 9 lessons from South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore for combating the corona crisis (COVID-19)

Based on recent figures, the coronavirus seems to be successfully contained especially in South Korea and to a lesser extent Taiwan and Singapore. None of these countries have instituted a total lock-down, but they have been very successful in controlling the number of infections and deaths due to the coronavirus. Given this remarkable success, it is important to understand what these Asian countries are doing differently from the rest of the world. In this blog, we describe the essence of Asian corona measures. These insights are essential to contain the current COVID-19 outbreak or a possible second outbreak in the Netherlands.

Interactive rainbow model for integrated care

Those who adopt the Triple Aim are working towards better care and better health at lower costs. These three goals are all equally important and are also interrelated. In healthcare practice, the Triple Aim objectives revolve around appropriate care, which truly benefits (groups of) patients. In this way, as a healthcare organisation or network, you work on more health for the same money or less.

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