Angelien Borgdorff, independent program manager and coach:

“Masterclass also provides useful contacts”

“Collaboration is necessary to be able to continue to provide good and affordable care in the future. The ‘Rainbow model for integrated care’ provides structure and insight for this. Because I wanted to know more about the background and application of this model, I attended the Care Network masterclass. I learned to look more closely at the value for all parties.”

Angelien Borgdorff works as an independent program manager in the health and welfare sector, in the field of quality, safety and cooperation in networks. She also provides coaching and intervision guidance to professionals in healthcare. “I wanted to know more about the Rainbow Model, because I had heard that it is useful to apply within networks. That turned out to be true as well.”

Rain model offers structure and insight

“The Rain Model gives structure to how you collaborate in a network and provides insight into areas of concern. Such as the importance of joint decision-making, financing and risk bearing. It is not about power, but about the contribution of everyone in the network. The cooperation must add value for all parties. We also learned about the differences between Value Based Health Care and Triple Aim and about the added value of prevention, with examples from abroad. The beauty is that there is a scientific basis for the Rain Model. That’s valuable. Why does the cooperation run this way and what can you do about it? I also had a lot to gain from the international best practices shown in this area.”

Business case

The participants also worked together on a business case. “Unfortunately, I didn’t have a concrete project at that time where this was an issue. Nevertheless, I have learned a lot from it. Like the differences between a business case and an earnings model. A business case is easily about money, but it is important to look much more at the value that the collaboration delivers, such as in terms of health. And we learned how to measure whether the network actually adds value and quality.”

Valuable contacts

Angelien also enjoyed the contact with the other participants of the master class. “We come from the same field, sometimes from very different parts of the Netherlands, and have similar questions and challenges. I have made valuable contacts that are still of use to me.”

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