How to build a successful care innovation ?

Our healthcare consultancy helps decision-makers in the healthcare sector to realise impactful healthcare innovations by substantiating them with measurable (Triple Aim) KPIs and reliable (scientific) data.


Collaboration is an integral part of healthcare. Others are indispensable to achieve the goals of your organisation and the Triple Aim.

Both within organisations and between organisations, unfortunately, cooperation does not always run smoothly. Conflicting interests, or a focus on the process rather than the outcome, can get in the way of results.

How do you take joint responsibility for goals or tasks? And do you also trust your colleagues for their part?

Essenburgh has extensive experience in this area and can get your project back on track. Or make sure you get everyone on the same page, at all levels of the organisation, right from the start.




The process of strategy formation strengthens understanding and improves cooperation.


All ideas contribute to a solution for clients and/or the user. Our experts monitor this.


For each bottleneck, we formulate one or more actions that you can immediately get to work on.


Step 1; Orientation interviews

Before we start re-evaluating forms of cooperation, defining a cooperation strategy or drawing up a model for cooperation, we have several meetings with each other to map out the goals and starting points of cooperation for your organisation, institution, challenge or product. The aim is to clarify the focus, interpretation and content of the cooperation.

Step 2;Follow-up

On the basis of the exploratory talks, a plan of action is drawn up with which our experts will set to work. Depending on the (renewed) cooperation strategy, the focus will be on data collection, data analysis & interpretation, concretisation of objectives and evaluation & discussion opportunities. Subsequently, the new cooperation model – including the insights gained, associated forms of cooperation and follow-up steps – will be presented.

Step 3;Implementation & Support

Advice is nice, but cooperation only really works when it is put into practice. That is why we stay in close contact after the presentation. During several contact moments, we evaluate together how (the implementation of) the project – focused on cooperation – went and where there are still challenges. We believe that a project is not finished when it is presented. By maintaining intensive contact and adjusting during the process, we take joint responsibility for the implementation of the chosen cooperation strategy(s) / form(s) of cooperation.

Frequently asked questions?

Unfortunately, we cannot give an unequivocal answer. Every organisation/institution is different and so are the associated cooperation issues. The fee we set is therefore also different each time, but always in consultation and appropriate to the work we do. During an introductory meeting, we look at the complexity of your issue/challenge, the details of the project and make an appropriate offer.

Through evidence-based evaluation, the impact of a consultancy process is assessed. We provide valid and reliable information that demonstrates the impact of our services. You will find that an advisory process leads to new knowledge and great improvements in working together. At various contact points during the implementation process, we evaluate together how the project – focused on cooperation – has progressed and where challenges remain.

Yes, it is! On our website you can find references from various clients with whom we have carried out a consultancy process aimed at cooperation. We can also provide you with references from customers who have given us permission to share their experiences. For reasons of confidentiality, we never share information with third parties without the consent of the client.

If you have any questions about what Essenburgh can do for your company/institution in the field of cooperation in health care or cooperation in health care innovation, please contact us via info@essenburgh.com or fill out the contact form below. We will contact you as soon as possible.